Weymouth – home of fish and chips

I stayed in Brighton for one night, as I wrote about yesterday, and then drove A27, A31, A35 and finally A354 down to Weymouth.

Just as I left Brighton the rain started to pour down, and the windscreen wipers had to do their work all the way down to the lovely small town of Weymouth.

I had booked a room at the Weymouth Sands Guest House and got a small room up on the top floor, with a nice view of the beach from my window:

Weymouth beach, from my window

Diane at the guest house was very friendly, and told me some history about Weymouth and the surrounding area. She also told me I should go to the Marlboro restaurant and try som fish and chips. I did, and ate at least twice as much as I normally do for dinner. Fantastic food!

The restaurant is located next to the Town Bridge, close to the inner harbour:


A rather crazy thing in Weymouth is the rail road going in the city streets; this once was a combined tram and train line after what I can understand, no trains for me though:

Harbour Line, Weymouth

It was sunny yesterday evening, but as I woke up today the rain was back. I did enjoy a delicious “full English’ by Diane before I left Weymouth.

Should have gone there in the summer!

Sunset over Weymouth beach

… and I should find / develop a Lightroom lens profile for the Tokina 11-16mm, the barrel effect is quite annoying.

Music played while writing: Den blå trikken hjem, Bare Egil Band

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