All the way to Land’s End

From Weymouth I kept on driving west and south all the way down to Penzance.

In Penzance, or more precisely Newlyn, I staid at Panorama Guesthouse, a really nice place located in the steep hills south of Penzance city. A great place, with a lovely and nice people!


From Penzance I took a drive through Mousehole and all the way to Land’s End.

Many really narrow roads out on the Cornwall countryside.

Road oustside Mousehole

Contradiction in terms?:

Drift - Please drive carefully

From Penzance I drove, in a horrible rain and wind, up to Weston super Mare, more about that later. (I now have a working UK -> Euro power plug adapter again …)

Music played while writing: Let England shake, PJ Harvey

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Weymouth – home of fish and chips

I stayed in Brighton for one night, as I wrote about yesterday, and then drove A27, A31, A35 and finally A354 down to Weymouth.

Just as I left Brighton the rain started to pour down, and the windscreen wipers had to do their work all the way down to the lovely small town of Weymouth.

I had booked a room at the Weymouth Sands Guest House and got a small room up on the top floor, with a nice view of the beach from my window:

Weymouth beach, from my window

Diane at the guest house was very friendly, and told me some history about Weymouth and the surrounding area. She also told me I should go to the Marlboro restaurant and try som fish and chips. I did, and ate at least twice as much as I normally do for dinner. Fantastic food!

The restaurant is located next to the Town Bridge, close to the inner harbour:


A rather crazy thing in Weymouth is the rail road going in the city streets; this once was a combined tram and train line after what I can understand, no trains for me though:

Harbour Line, Weymouth

It was sunny yesterday evening, but as I woke up today the rain was back. I did enjoy a delicious “full English’ by Diane before I left Weymouth.

Should have gone there in the summer!

Sunset over Weymouth beach

… and I should find / develop a Lightroom lens profile for the Tokina 11-16mm, the barrel effect is quite annoying.

Music played while writing: Den blå trikken hjem, Bare Egil Band

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Goodbye London, hello Brighton!

Yesterday night I picked up my yellow(!) Citroen DS3 at Gatwick, headed straight on to M23 and then A23 out of London, towards Brighton. Learning by doing; this is my first attempt ever to drive a RHD car in traffic. No crashes yet, but it really feels weird to drive on the “wrong side” of the road, specially in roundabouts.

I normally bring a GPS when driving on new places, in new countries, but I couldn’t find the damn TomTom before leaving Oslo, and using my iPhone wasn’t really an option yesterday, as my provider, OneCall, charges me NOK 25 / MB for roaming. (That is just pure crazyness.)

I just followed the signs, and after a small Brighton tribute tour along the seaside parking, I found Brighton Marina House Hotel in Charlotte Street. The small hotel is located just a short walk from the famous Brighton Pier, in a small street where it was impossible to find a parking space. Staff at the hotel was very friendly, and showed me my own bathroom, my bedroom and where the breakfast is served. Great!

Brighton Pier by night

Took a short walk, after parking the car at the sea side parking lot, the Pier was closed, as well as most restaurants except from Burger King. A quick BK burger let me use their wireless before shopping some beverages at a Tesco, and walking back to the hotel for some rest. Day One was a success!

Woke up just in time for breakfast, which wasn’t the ‘whole English one’, but a nice breakfast with salmon, scrambled eggs and toasts today. The English breakfast was available, but I didn’t feel like eating a lot this morning.

Thai restaurant in Brighton

After breakfast I packed up my stuff and left the “non valuable’ things like clothes in the car before my hunt for a UK simcard started. I wanted a prepaid micro sim with the largest dataplan available. This wasn’t just easy, 3 couldn’t even give me a prepaid micro sim, and O2 as well as T mobile could only give me 500 MB of Internet trafic on the prepaid cards.

I paid GBP 5 for a T mobile card, and then the clerk told me ‘it is 30 days free Internet, you will not be charged if you use more than 500MB’. Why didn’t he tell me that in the first place?! They will probably throttle my connection after 500MB, but that shouldn’t be a too big problem

With my new sim card, and hence Google Maps I was ready to hit town. I love to just walk around on new places, taking some pictures, find some good food and just relax. But I had to visit the famous Brighton toy museum first:

Brighton Toy Museum

And then I just walked around in the beautiful city of Brighton:

Broken sign Brighton style

Just loved this sign!

Brighton Pier

Very windy today, guess this is what you have to pay for the sea side beach.

Cassette Lord in Brighton

Cassette Lord in Brighton must be very active, I saw this everywhere!

NOTE: I find it hard getting good colors on this rather small laptop screen …

Music played while writing: Visa från Utanmyra, Jan Johansson

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On the road again!

Just can’t wait to get on the road again!

The day is finally here. My vacation is starting, and this time I’ll travel to the United Kingdom, a country I’ve never visited before.

As normal I jumped on the Airport express bus way to early.
Partly because I hate rushing through check-in and security, but mostly because I love relaxing at the Airport, eating Pizza from Oslo’s only Pizza Hut restaurant and trying out the new free airport wireless, hacking up some scripts for this blog thing.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is supposed to take me from Oslo to Gatwick, London in about one hour. At Gatwick I will pick up my Citroen DS3 from Avis, and hopefully make it to Brighton where I’ve booked my first hotel for this trip.

This is my first time in a RHD car, hopefully it will work out just great …

Some food at Oslo Airport

I’m at my most productive at places like this. Crazy, but true.

A tip for all of you; the Airport express bus gives you 50% discount if you prepay NOK 1600 for a ‘frequent travelers card’, and they drive between Oslo Airport Gardermoen and most places in Oslo city.

Music played while writing: I hope that I don't fall in love with you, Tom Waits

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